A massage can be a part of regular healthcare maintenance

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The changes your body goes through during pregnancy can be profound. A Therapeutic Massage by Kris Hill W.L.M.T #1937-146 can help alleviate the aches and pain you're feeling by addressing the specific areas where you feel discomfort, promoting relaxation.

Gift certificates are available. Call for details.


  • Emotional support

  • Reduction of joint pain

  • Improved breathing and relaxation

  • Relief from uncomfortable digestive issues

  • Reduction of anxiety

  • A feeling of well-being

Countless benefits of massage

I have been a fulltime massage therapist (Wisconsin Licensed Massage Therapist #1937-146) for 15 years and have had 35 years of experience in healthcare.


Experience the comfort of my prenatal and postpartum massage techniques today.

A licensed massage therapist

The pain and discomfort of your changing body, both before and after giving birth, can strike at any time and massage can help eliminate them. Feel free to schedule an appointment or walk in during my regular business hours.

Walk-ins and appointments welcome

Relaxing Prenatal and Postpartum Massage

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